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Make Your Current Bike more Comfortable   
Giana Roberge

Make Your Current Bike more Comfortable By Giana Roberge

1. Establish a relationship with a bike shop that provides a fitting service.
==> Go into the shop with a list of what parts of your body are in discomfort.
==> BE honest with the shop employee about your riding time, fitness, and commitment to stretching.
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Coaching: the Key to Racing Success   
Giana Roberge

How to find the right coach
By Giana Roberge

World Champion at Masterís Time Trial Championships, two time Silver Medalist at the same event, US National Time Trial Champion, Winner of the Etape Du Tour, record setter at the Presque Isle Time Trial, First Place Midi Pyrenees Time Trial Championships and winner of the Lance Arm
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The Benefits Of Stretching   
By Maripage Grubic

I'm not a bike racer, just an every day girl who rides for fun, and a Massage Therapist for the Saturn Cycling Team. Four years of experience massaging the bodies of Professional cyclists and noting the differences between those that stretch and those that do not, has taught me that stretching is essential.

Stretching has many benefi
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