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Fueling Up For Fitness   

"Some people just don't like to eat breakfast, while others can tolerate some juice and toast. Do what feels right," says Carol Coughlin, author and spokesperson for the Massachusetts Dietetic Association "If you are working out during your lunch hour, you probably have to settle for something quick. Don't worry, just try to eat better at dinner.".... Read This Article >>>

Getting Enough Calcium from Food?   
Giana Roberge

Most women need between 1,000 and 1,500 mg of calcium per day while men should get no more than about 1,000 mg. While it is ideal to get as much calcium as you need from your diet, certain foods are better sources than others - and some foods, such as alcohol, fructose, caffeine, wheat bran, raw spinach, salt and tobacco actually interfere with cal.... Read This Article >>>

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